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Bike riding as family

I rode my bike the whole time I was pregnant, even though I got some funny looks when I was still riding in my third trimester but it was a great way to stay fit and get around. Now my son is a little older we even get to go on bike rides as a family. This blog has tips on the best type of baby and kids seats, as well as junior helmets, to use when you are taking your kids for a ride. I hope you enjoy these tips and it helps you to be able to enjoy bike riding as a family.

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Tips On How You Can Deal With Algae On Your Synthetic Tennis Court

If you are a fan of tennis, you probably know how hard it is to enjoy the game on a slippery court. Organic matter like algae are among the culprits responsible for a slippery effect on synthetic courts. But besides that, some types of algae such as the jelly algae do not have an appealing look on the court. Algae tend to grow on synthetic courts that contain standing water or courts that are riddled with debris. Hence to deal with algae effectively, you are required to get rid of the organic matter as well as the conditions that influence their growth.

Killing The Algae

Fortunately, dealing with algae is not that hard. The first step to tackling your problem is killing the algae growth on the court and you can do so using salt. First, water the sections affected with the algae and then apply salt over these sections. After a few days, the organic matter will change its color to telltale dark, which indicates that the algae are dead.

Instead of salt, you can also opt to use a mild bleach solution; an effective solution is made of one gallon of bleach mixed with one gallon of water. Apply the solution on the affected regions and give it a few days to kill the algae.

Clearing The Algae

Once the algae are dead, they can't grow any further. But then, you also need to remove them so that you can get the green color of your court back. All you have to do is find a wire broom and sweep the dead algae away, or wash the court using a small pressure washer. It is better not to use large pressure washers as they can damage the court.

Proper Maintenance Of The Court

Algae will grow on your court only if you fail to take care of the court. One maintenance measure you can take is to clear debris from the court at least once in a week using a shovel and a leaf rake. By clearing the debris, you will not only avoid algae build-up but also the development of other organic matter as well. During your cleaning and maintenance routines, pay special attention to the perimeter areas of the court as well as the net lines; these are the areas that receive less ball and foot traffic. Hence they don't get worn out easily; instead, they stagnate and allow algae to develop.