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Bike riding as family

I rode my bike the whole time I was pregnant, even though I got some funny looks when I was still riding in my third trimester but it was a great way to stay fit and get around. Now my son is a little older we even get to go on bike rides as a family. This blog has tips on the best type of baby and kids seats, as well as junior helmets, to use when you are taking your kids for a ride. I hope you enjoy these tips and it helps you to be able to enjoy bike riding as a family.


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Why Canvas Covers Are Your Best Option For Your Camper Trailer

There are several advantages that come with covering your camper trailer. Water protection, blockage of harmful UV rays from the sun, and protection from dirt and scratches are some of the ways you will benefit from covers. When choosing trailer covers, one crucial thing that will help you find the perfect one for your trailer is the cover material. Trailer covers come in a range of fabrics that differ in terms of durability, breathability, and ease of setting them up on the trailer. However, among these many covers available, canvas trailer covers usually stand out. Here's why.

Canvas Trailer Covers Are Sturdier

Durability is important when it comes to selecting trailer covers because you want to invest in something that will serve you for years down the line. The manufacture of canvas involves weaving the fabric tightly together. This enhances its sturdiness, which means your canvas trailer covers won't easily yield to constant tugs or stress.

Canvas Trailer Covers Have Excellent Waterproofing Properties

The tightly woven fabric also makes it ideal for use outdoors, which is a plus for camper trailers. The tight weaving of canvas covers will ensure that water doesn't pass through easily. Water encourages the growth of mould and mildew, which besides creating ugly views, can be unhealthy too. The waterproofing ability of these covers will depend on the type of canvas you choose. Generally, canvas is available in plain and duck options. The difference is the tightness of the weaving. Duck canvas tend to use denser weaves, which means they will outperform their plain counterparts in waterproofing capacity. However, this also makes them less breathable. Breathability is important to prevent the growth of mould and mildew and to ensure your trailer doesn't get hot.

Canvas Trailer Covers Help with Heat Regulation

Canvas is quite thicker than other types of fabric. This comes in handy when camping because during the day, it absorbs heat at a slower rate, which means you can have cooler temperatures inside your camper trailer. When the temperatures start dropping, the absorbed heat will also be lost slowly, and this helps keep you warmer inside your camper trailer when night falls.

Whether you need to cover your camper trailer when you are out camping or storing it, canvas trailers are an option to consider. With these benefits, you can be sure that your trailer will be protected effectively from the elements for a considerably long time.